born 1984 in Bamberg, Germany | living and working in Pforzheim, Germany
2009 – 2015 | Pforzheim University – Faculty of Design | Bachelor of Arts in Jewellery and Everyday Objects
2013 – 2014 | internship with Iris Bodemer, Pforzheim
2006 – 2009 | Goldsmithing School Pforzheim | State Certified Designer in Jewellery and Tableware


· CYCLE | exhibition at Jewelers’Werk Galerie in Washington D.C. (USA)
· Kunstrai, Amsterdam with Galerie Marzee (NL)

· DUO | group exhibition with Bettina Speckner at Birgitta Knauth, Schmuck-Galerie in Bonn (GER)

· Exhibition with Saerom Kong at SCHMUCKE in Berlin (GER)
· Landesausstellung Kunsthandwerk 2020 in Karlsruhe (GER)
· SCHMUCK 2020 | IHM Munich (GER) cancelled

· ITAMI International Jewellery Exhibition | group exhibition at the Museum of Arts & Crafts Itami (JP)
· FINAL PARADE | group exhibition at Galerie Ra in Amsterdam (NL)
· VISITORS | exhibition with Jo Scicluna, Gallery Funaki in Melbourne (AUS)
· CUT | exhibition with Frieda Dörfer and Elwy Schutten, Galerie Ra in Amsterdam (NL)
· Wechselspiel | group exhibition, Pforzheim Galerie (GER)
· Radical Craft, Direktorenhaus, Museum für Kunst Handwerk Design, Berlin (GER)
· Frame, IHM Munich with Galerie Ra (GER)
· Kunstrai, Amsterdam with Galerie Ra (NL)

· TWO TIMES TEN – Ten Years Pforzheim Revisited – Ten Years Well Sorted | group exhibition at Goldschmiedehaus Hanau (GER)
· Landesausstellung Kunsthandwerk 2018, Baden-Württemberg | group exhibition at Neues Schloss Meersburg (GER)
· Mari Funaki Award for Contemporary Jewellery 2018 | group exhibition, Gallery Funaki in Melbourne (AUS)
· unikate | Schmuck Pforzheimer Gestalter | group exhibition at Goldschmiedehaus Hanau, and Stiftung Villa Bengel (GER)
· Spring in Berlin | group exhibition at SCHMUCKE, gallery for contemporary jewellery and glas in Berlin (GER)
· Frame, IHM Munich with Galerie Ra (GER)

· Pretty on Pink – Éminences Grises in Jewellery | group exhibition at Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim (GER)
· 250 Years of Goldstadt Pforzheim – Anniversary Festival 2017 | ‚Wechselspiel‘ – group exhibiton at Volksbankhaus Pforzheim (GER)
· Achtung Baustelle! – Annual Member Exhibition | group exhibition at Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein in Munich (GER)
· 250 Years of Goldstadt Pforzheim – Anniversary Festival 2017 | group exhibition at Schütt: unikate | Schmuck Pforzheimer Gestalter (GER)
· 250 Years of Goldstadt Pforzheim – Anniversary Festival 2017 | group exhibition at Thalia: AUTORENSCHMUCK in Pforzheim (GER)
· BKV-prize 2017 for Young applied Arts at IHM in Munich, Germany and group exhibtion at Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein Munich (GER)
· Design Miami with Ornamentum Gallery (USA)
· Frame, IHM Munich with Galerie Ra (GER)

· Ra Now | group exhibition, 40 years anniversary of Galerie Ra in Amsterdam (NL)
· Metallophone: BONDS – The 3rd International Biennial of Contemporary Metal Art at (AV17) Gallery in vilnius (LT)
· Mari Funaki Award for Contemporary Jewellery 2016  | group exhibition, Gallery Funaki in Melbourne (AUS)
· ARBEITEN | exhibition with Frieda Dörfer at Galerie Ra in Amsterdam (NL)
· A Motley Crew – New Pieces from the Collection | group exhibition, Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim (GER)
· TALENTE 2016 | group exhibition at IHM in Munich (GER)
· gut – Germany‘s Upcoming Talents | group exhibition, Galerie Biró Junior in Munich (GER)
· Frame, IHM Munich with Gallery Ra (GER)
· Kunstrai, Amsterdam with Gallery Ra (NL)

· Marzee Graduate Show 2015 | Galerie Marzee in Njimegen (NL)
· Night and Day  | exhibition with Stephanie Morawetz at Ornamentum Gallery in Hudson, New York (USA)
· On and on and on  – Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2015 | exhibition with Rüdiger Lorenzen, Andi Gut and Frieda Dörfer in Legnica (PL)

2008 – 2013
· Land & Scape | project of Jewellery and Everyday Objects, Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim (GER)
· German Contemporary Metal Crafts  group exhibition, Goldmuseum in New Taipei City, Taiwan (CN)
· Prunkstück | degree-exhibition, Goldsmithing School Pforzheim | Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim (GER)
· as we like it – 20 years Technical College, Design Jewellery and Tableware | Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim & Goldschmiedehaus Hanau (GER)

awards & competitions
Herbert-Hofmann-Preis 2020 | Munich (GER)
BKV-Prize 2017 for Young applied Arts | Munich (GER)
ISSP Sponsorship Prize 2015 | Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim (GER)
Klimt02 Graduate Award 2015 | International Jewellery On Line
Finalist at Mari Funaki Award for Contemporary Jewellery 2016 & 2018 (AUS)
Finalist at Talente 2016 | IHM Munich (GER)

public collections
Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim (GER)
CODA Museum (NL)
Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe (GER)

SCHMUCK 2020, exhibition catalogue
ART AUREA, Sommer 2020, Ausgabe 40
WECHSELSPIEL – INTERPLAY, exhibition catalogue
ITAMI International Jewellery Exhibition, exhibition catalogue
pretty on pink, exhibition catalogue
unikate | Schmuck Pforzheimer Gestalter, exhibition catalogue
BKV-prize 2017 for Young applied Arts, exhibition catalogue
Metalophone: BONDS, exhibition catalogue
TALENTE 2016, exhibition catalogue
gut – Germany‘s Upcoming Talents, exhibition catalogue, Galerie Biró Junior
Marzee Magazine #99, International Graduate Show 2015
On and on and on, exhibition catalogue, Gallery of Art Legnica
German Contemporary Metal Crafts, Goldmuseum, New Taipei City
as we like it, Technical College for Design Jewellery and Tableware | Arnoldsche Publishers, Stuttgart, Germany

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